Alto Global Processing: Doxo Delivers Single-Click Mobile Bill Payment

Doxo announced the launch of a new single-click mobile bill payment capability, and added a new smart phone app, doxo Mobile for Android, to its existing iPhone mobile app.

“The doxo mission is to massively simplify the experience of interacting with providers and paying bills. The new capabilities of our mobile app make bill paying simpler than ever. So simple, in fact, that doxo users are paying their bills an average of 10 days sooner than they would through traditional mail,” said Steve Shivers CEO of doxo. “doxo Mobile takes the hassle out of bill payment, and provides an innovative, free service for businesses to offer to their customers, without having to develop their own app.”


For more information on this please feel free to contact Luca Bizzotto, CEO of Alto Global Processing

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