Alto Global Processing: PayPal Announces Next Wave of Partners for In-Store Checkout

PayPal has announced the next 15 national retail partners that will be testing PayPal In-Store Checkout.

“In every market we’ve entered PayPal has changed the game. We did it for online payments in 1998, creating a business from nothing and building it to one with more than $118 billion in total payment volume last year. We were the first major player to enter the mobile space in 2006 and we plan to exceed $7 billion in mobile payment volume this year. And we’re on track to change the game again in offline payments.”

In related go-to-market news, PayPal also announced POS partnerships with terminal providers VeriFone (press release, website details) and Equinox (press release) as well as mid-market POS software providers Leapset, ShopKeep (video), Vend (video), and Erply (video).


For more information on this please feel free to contact Luca Bizzotto, CEO of Alto Global Processing

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