Platform Enables Immigrants To Easily Pay Bills Of Family Living Back Home

California-based PayDivvy has already provided tools for friends to easily split the cost of bills. NowBlueKite aims to help expatriates send money back to their family to ensure they can keep on top of their regular outgoings.

While many people travel abroad in order to make money to support their family back home, they may not have control over how their loved ones manage their finances. Through BlueKite’s free web service, immigrants can organize the utility bills of those overseas, see what needs owing and pay in real-time. Accounts are added using the company name and meter or service number. The service acts as an alternative to the sending of checks and cash remittances to overseas companies and avoids leaving family members without easy access to banks to deal with their utilities.

BlueKite offers expatriates greater transparency over what’s going on with their relatives’ finances, while companies have to deal with fewer unpaid accounts. How else can cross-border money transfers be made more user friendly?


Spotted by: Murray Orange


For more information on this please feel free to contact Luca Bizzotto, CEO of Alto Global Processing Please visit Alto Global Processing

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